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Dog Food Blog

Choosing The Best Commercial Dog Food for Your Pet

Given the multiple brands and the varied types of foods that are available in the market, it is not easy to finding the right commercial food for your pet. Selecting the right dog food means that you should find one that contains the best nutrients that are essential for the dog. You should also put into consideration the size and the gender of the dog when buying these foods.


When buying commercial dog food, don't dwell too much on the glossy package and the enticing slogans. Dogs won't see that and so should you. The first thing to look for in dog food would be the sources of fat. Avoid brands that list generic sources of fat such as animal fat and settle for those that list exactly what they contain such as poultry fat and chicken fat among others.


You may have seen the term USDA approved Human Grade Ingredients and wondered why they are labelled as human grade. The thing here is that some of the components used in the manufacture of dog food do come from food manufacturing processes for humans. The foods shouldn't in any circumstance be manufactured from products that have been branded as unfit for human consumption. They should also be of high quality and free from hormones.


Avoid dog foods that do have corn gluten meal since this is just a cheap product that comes from the human food manufacturing industry. This is a major red flag that you can use to identify poor quality foods. The recalls that happened a few years ago commenced from contaminated wheat gluten meal hence this needs to be avoided too. These foods are a cheap source of proteins and will not provide the required amount of protein your diet. Best Dog Food For Boxers - check it out!


An indication of meat by-products on the dog food should also raise an alarm. Instead of meat, it is better to have meal by-products. Meal is just meat that has been dried up and when it is listed as a first ingredient in a dog feed, then there is a high chance that the food does contain more meat than grain. To learn more about dog food, visit


Your canine pal is carnivorous hence thrives in meals that have more of meat than grains. Make sure to check the ingredients so that you can only end up with high quality premium feeds that he will love. There are many brands in the market hence choose carefully. Best Dog Food For Boxers - this!